First – on the page „Tracks” choose a number of elements you want to arrange (top of the page) and then a track from the list below. You can sort the list alphabetically with 5 criteria or use the browser.

Click the chosen to go to the game page. After 30” of a clip, the puzzles will appear. If you don’t want to wait, click “Play Game”.

The puzzles should be placed on the border of the game wheel in active circular cells. You move them with the mouse.

Each puzzle is underpinned with a fragment of music. These fragments vary in length and the cut will not be exactly the same in your consecutive trial.

To listen to a puzzle, just click the “play” triangle on it.

The playing element will be visualized on the graph in the top right corner. You can move inside by dragging the pointing line.

You can listen to a sequence of puzzles already placed on the wheel by marking the one you want to start from. When a white rim appears, click „play” triangle on it. The puzzles will play one by one. You can stop the music at any moment by clicking the „stop” square in the centre of the wheel or on the puzzle itself.

Below the game wheel you have the playback bar. You can listen to the model music track moving the pointer to a chosen point.

Bulbs indicate active hints. After clicking a bulb, a proper element will be placed in the first empty or incorrectly filled cell. For each 1 game you have max. 3 hints to use.

You play against the clock. The time is displayed in the top left corner. You can pause the game just by clicking on the clock.

When finished, click the icon „submit” in the centre of the wheel. You will be informed whether the puzzles are arranged correctly. If yes, you will get your time and your position in the ranking for this given track.


HELP is shown in the page "How to play?" and on each page in the column on the right, except for the GAME PAGE, where it is situated in the left bottom corner.